【XYM New Design】The unique new style chair you worthy to have


Since the establishment of XYM plastics factory, XINYIMEI has been committed to two aspects of development. One is to improve the quality of products, and the second is to develop new designs. In December 2018, we began to prepare for the new mold development. After more than 6 months of data analysis and discussion, we selected 3 resin chairs to manufacture the mold.


The first design is Diamond Chair. This chair is XYM Furniture original design. The design inspiration is rooted in the theory of ancient Chinese “the round sky and flat earth”. Our designer boldly separates the squares and is a fusion of tradition and modern art. The overall look of diamond chair is simple and elegant, the chairs are suitable not only for wedding events, but also for business meeting rooms.


The second design is Infinity Chair. The design of this backrest was originally applied to the stainless steel chair. But the price of the stainless steel chair is relatively expensive, so  XINYIMEIers thought of making it a resin chair. We are very satisfied with the effect of the finished chair. The transparent infinity shape looks like a butterfly in a fairy tale. We believe that using them as a wedding chairs will make your wedding more attractive.


The third design is Peacock Chair. The back of the chair is like a peacock with an open screen which looks beautiful and moving. The backrest of the all-inclusive structure is stable and safe, can provide sufficient security for the people with a bigger size.


In the process of mold improvement, considering user's sitting feeling, we deliberately made the appropriate adjustment of the backrest’s curvature, which is more ergonomic, while it doesn’t affect the overall perception of the chair.


The R&D process is quite difficult. But fortunately, the new designs have been sought after by many customers. Every couple is worth a fantastic wedding. If you are interested in our chairs, please feel free to contact us.


XYM Furniture Innovation for Crystal Chairs-

In view of some shortcomings of traditional resin chairs, we have made some improvements on our resin transparent chair:

*About yellowing

The traditional chairs become yellowing easily especially when using outdoor. We add some UV protection factor into the raw material, the chairs are quite blue and shiny under the sunlight. Not easy to become yellowing!


*About safety

Our chairs are installed with hexagonal screws which are more stable than the original screws. With the help of these hexagonal screws, the chair will be stronger and more durable for using.


*About technology

We improved the production process, adopting methods of increasing current and increasing pressure, the bubble inside the chair are less and smaller. Net weight of our chair is about 4.7kgs, a relatively heavy product in the market.


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