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You’re in the right place for clear chair.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on XYM.we guarantee that it’s here on XYM.
It can effectively transport moisture to the outside of the shoe, which together ensures a soft, dry and fresh feel. .
We aim to provide the highest quality clear chair.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Wedding Transparent Chiavari Chair clear Chairs
    Wedding Transparent Chiavari Chair clear Chairs
    Product advantages· Minimalist design, the backrest line is like a flame, so we call it the flame chair·Semi-curved backrest·Similar to the design of the chiavari chair, but with a higher degree of recognition· Widen the seat board for more comfortable sittingProduct process·High-quality resin material: The Saudi anti-ultraviolet resin material is used to make the flame chair more crystal clear and transparent.·Using the most advanced perfusion technology: reduce the hollowing of the chair, making the chair stronger and not tearing after being hit·Can be matched with various high-density sponge pads: Can be matched with a variety of accessories to make the chair suitable for more scenes.·Removable and stackable design: The chair can be disassembled and assembled 4 pieces/box, and can be stacked into 8 pieces/one block after assembly, which can save storage space and transportation cost as much as possible.·The backrest adopts hollow design, the lines are comfortable, elegant and breathable; the curve that relaxes the body creates an amazing visual beauty.
  • chiavari ghost chair wedding chair for outdoor event
    chiavari ghost chair wedding chair for outdoor event
    resin transparent ghost chair / clear chairFeatures1. All-in-one2. Strong toughness3. Anti-ultraviolet, will not turn yellow when used under the sunProduct advantages· Stackable, easy to transport and save time· Designed by a famous designer, with minimalism as the core element, a large transparent backrest, a very comfortable chair·Neat and beautiful·Packaging experience (large circular backrest design, ergonomic fit)product materialProduct process·Using high-quality ultraviolet resin material: good impact resistance, high strength, strong elastic recovery; waterproof, sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet, fully meet the requirements of outdoor furniture.·It has no extra pattern details, the focus is on highlighting the overall radian and lines, coupled with the material characteristics of acrylic, the transparency is very high, just like crystal, so we also call it a crystal chair·The design of the transparent round seat back is comfortable, elegant and breathable;
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